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Hi, I'm Carina

I am a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and the author of three books on neuroscience and parenting.


For over 18 years, I have worked in the field of mental health on an individual and multidisciplinary basis. establishing child care centers and developing online courses to assist hundreds of parents with their children's development and mental health


Today, my passion for science have provided me with the strength to reinvent myself as an author, advisor, and communicator with a mission to educate and empower all adults who share their lives with children so that both can be happy on a daily basis and consequently make better decisions to enhance their abilities and skills.

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My Background 

Graduate Degrees:

  • Master's in Pediatric Neuropsychology l Pablo de Olavide University (Spain)

  • Master's Clinical Neuropsychology from Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  • Master's Clinical Psychology from Universidad de Iberoamérica (Costa Rica).


  • Protection of Children's Rights l Harvard University

  • Effective Child Development Policies l Inter-American Development Bank

  • Educational Interdisciplinary Treatment for children with disabilities l FLENI Hospital Argentina

  • Neurofeedback l EEG Institute

  • Clinical Hypnosis l Gubel Institute of Research


Guidebook: Que puedo hacer yo?

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A guidebook that provides scientific information on brain development from conception to age six, written in everyday language and containing simple exercises to encourage adult participation.

Coco and Mumu:  Big Brain Adventure


A storybook for children between the ages of two and ten. In this action-packed journey, Coco and Mumu travel around the universe learning how to maintaining a healthy and resilient brain.

Coco and Mumu:
Gut Brain Connection

mockup-of-an-angled-squared-book-with-hard-cover-1563-el (1).png

In a new adventure from Coco y Mumu, this book reveals scientific facts about the digestive system and its direct connection to the brain, lifelong healthy eating habits, and the relationship between our emotions and thoughts and diet.


Frente a Frente / El Salvador

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+1 (202) 499-0751

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